Introduction About Major Currency in Pixel Car Racer

Albert Shine
Jan 7 · 2 min read
Beginners Guide For The Pixel Car Racer

Youngsters are fanatic for online racing, and one of the leading games in racing is Pixel Car Racer.

The game is built by Studio Furukawa for IOS and android mobiles. The game comes with 100+ cars, and they all have powerful engines and unique look.

Huge numbers of tuning parts also include in it for amazing tuning. The players will customize many new cars with some special cars.

We have to participate in worldwide racing championships. By such kinds of real-time racing, we can improve our speed and compete in some street mode.

The gameplay is easy for everyone, and the individual can download the game by android store or official game website.

Millions of users are connected with it, and they all are getting more run with worldwide players.

Types Of Currencies Are Used

In the game, mainly two currencies are available, and they are named as Cash and Stat points.

Both are effective in much challenging racing, and they are good for upgrading many things. You can even earn them for free using several legit methods that are listed here: .

We will earn it by competing in various racing and win different kinds of matches.

The currency is significant for everyone, and the players have to learn perfect uses of them.


The cash is a prime currency in the game, and we have to store a big amount of it.

Cash is used for purchasing many new tools and parts for customizing the cars. By spending cash, we can buy new cars to live racing.

Stat Points

Stat points are helpful in managing more cash, and in the game, various tools are present for collecting it.

The currency is enhancing our performance, and you can add multiple powers to win the race. The players think twice before going to spend currency.

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