Scripting the Future

A scenario script in a future where green spaces become personal 
Play Lab_September 11, 2016

In a future where the density of city populations increases, and the available green spaces diminish, citizens can retreat into their personal/public indoor green rooms. There, one can relax, reflect, and socialize like it was in the good ol’ days of public parks, and green lawns. At this point, the government has enacted serious incentives and laws to conserve water and reduce emissions caused by excessive luxury maintenance such as lawn care, and public green spaces. Civilization has hit an interesting balance where emotional compromises must be made for the sake of reducing environmental impact and maintaining personal sanity.

The year is 2050. People are driving autonomous vehicles. Global warming has reduced. Cities have become even more dense. Green spaces are more sparse in urban areas. In the suburbs people have forgone maintaining lawns allowing homes to be built larger and closer to one another. In the midst of all this organized chaos, two friends are taking a (now mandatory) “green-break” from their work space. Ava and Kai exit their workplace into the streets of downtown. No one is waiting, no one is lounging, no one is taking a break. The streets and alleys are either marked for autonomous vehicles, manual vehicles, pedestrian walkway, or PTD (personal transport devices). As a result of the public security act of 2022, instead of having cameras that measure people density and city activity, there are infrared cameras. Ava and Kai have access to the infrared maps of public areas which prevents population congestion and improved human movement flow through the transport areas, shopping areas, restaurants, and most importantly the green spaces.

Inspiration images

Props/scene items
Cell phone
Grass turf mat
Security camera
Public grass space with people (and their sounds)


[Walking out of the elevator]

A: So what’s the plan for today? Shall we stop by that sandwich place a few blocks down and then head to GS (green space) Euro?

K: Sounds good to me.

[Ava and Kai begin walking on the pedestrian lane to their food pickup. In the distance you hear them talking about their work day]

[They arrive at the sandwich place where their orders have already been placed. They pick up the bags and begin walking back to their work building]


Production details
What would be key in representing is the feelings and emotions felt when we currently visit natural green spaces but in indoor and more man-made versions. The panning of the camera between indoor lighting and walls to outside conversation on grass can be tricky. Using fake turf as transition point between the built world and the natural world will help. Footage of downtown Pittsburgh can be used to represent the urban world.

Final thoughts
This portrayal of an alternate future can be represented using video, photos, or drawings. The use of photoshop to manipulate images to create this reality in combination with diagrams and text could be one method. Creating a short film could be another. As well as drawing out characters, scenery, and a storyboard.