Why Beautiful Systems?

When all the parts come together, people can achieve amazing things.

As I continue on my journey to discover who I am as a human being from the perspective of a designer, it’s important to continuously ask myself why. Why does this drive me? Why should this exist? Why does this matter to me?

If I can truly answer these questions, it will bring me one step closer to finding purpose and being happy as I apply my knowledge and passions in the work force.

Even as a young boy I would ask why so much that I would often be met back with cold stares. During a movie, while I ate dinner, in my classes, when people told me to do something. Asking why is different now (or is it). It is to peel back the layers of the onion until its juices cause me to cry. To dig deep into my interests and drives so that I am more aware of and make my decisions with intent.

This onion diagram shows a basic view and understanding of why I am inspired to create beautiful systems and each layer of “why”.

Wonder Lab_10.18.16

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