The Minister of Magic gets a briefing on Donald Trump
Dex Torricke-Barton

It’s time you claim your abundance now.


With the NDAA many of Trump’s opponents could well be imprisoned and even killed.

But you better believe I will Remain A Real American Patriot even if it means Death.

I will never accept the Devil’s number nor will I ever quit speaking out for what is right.

I may be gone, but I hope someday Americans of all Political Stripes will put down their phones, stop being brainwashed, controlled and enslaved.

America’s only hope is that finally Americans stand up, sit down, stop this economy for a day or a week at a time and find thousands of legal, ethical, peaceful ways to take back our great nation.

Yes, many see no threats to their person, many in fact welcome Trump’s Evil, cruel and dangerous policies because they are angry, sexist, racist, or any other form of hatred.

What they do not understand or compute is that once some lose their rights, freedoms, and lives we all are at risk.

And let me say this.

America fought the fascists, Hitler, and always was the champion of freedom.

Now, however, the world fears The United States Of America and Trump and indeed with current American laws, An unlimited one party government.

You Ma’am and you Sir, who love Donald Trump.

Under said laws you can also be detained, imprisoned and even killed legally so while many may think they won.

They in fact lost.

As for Hillary Clinton yes, she would have improved America in many ways, but she also has done things I consider Un-American, Unconstitutional.

Americans know not what they have done and I wish there was a way to turn back time for real.

Because within the next four years the world may really end and that is no joke, fantasy or wish.

Trump has just broken the One China Policy and angered China.

Trump spoke to the President Of Taiwan it is breaking news.

For the record, People who worked for Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H, W Bush and George W Bush all are very worried about his actions.


Do you want a Nuclear War?


No Republican or Democratic President has ever spoken to Taiwan’s President since 1979. Trump has.

Yes, White Supremacists, Abortion Opponents, Racists may be happy, but the truth is our world, our nation is in danger and that is very much a real life nightmare.

You have risked a world for your own selfish and evil ways.

I only hope freedom, America and the World Survives until 2018 when we can have at least one house led by the Democrats and 2020 when Democrats will finally win back the

White House.

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