09/25/2019 Redfishcoin(REDF) holders Payment Report and Updates

Albert Vhons

REDF(Redfishcoin) is a Waves Assets of Steemit Redfish Community. Monthly Rewards are the way of giving back to the community rewarding the REDF holders since 2017

Redfishcoin (REDF) Service and Rewards

Steemit Publication
Medium Publication
Retweet Campaign
Airdrop Campaign
Monthly Shares
1 Million Token Supply
Buy Back Program
Awesome Bonus Token
Royalty Rewards
PoP Steemit Promotion


20 REDF holding, earn 2% monthly Rewards
50 REDF holding, earn 3% monthly Rewards
100 REDF holding, earn 3% monthly Bonus & Rewards
500 REDF holding, earn 5% monthly Bonus & Rewards
1000 REDF holding, earn 7% monthly Bonus & Rewards

  • Monthly shares are an optional way of rewarding REDF(Redfishcoin) supporters/Holders. Another way of stabilizing REDF Value. It is subject to change every contract/terms. It does not guarantee to earn huge profit nor promised large shares. It may not apply to you if you are not a long term holder.

REDF Holders

In this September 2019, we give a special gift to all 10 REDF holdings. That is the 1% rewards for holding 10 REDF minimum. But this will be on this month only. Next month, October will be the 2% rewards for holding 20 REDF and more will continue.

To check the recent rewards go here. About 279$ was sent as rewards. Now we invite you to join us. Just hold 20 REDF minimum and you can earn 2% to 7% monthly rewards.

Trade/Buy REDF on https://nanu.exchange/exchange#waves_redf

We recommend at Nanu as it was high price there than at WavesDEX

MNW is a token minted free. Hold 100 REDF to get MNW free as royalty rewards,

H2oX Faucet

On faucet at H2Ox, there is a current situation there that some token was lost and the admin said that it was being investigated. This may be the reason for some REDF sellout on WavesDEX

Albert Vhons

Written by

A father, an active steemit user, crypto enthusiast, Redfishcoin CEO,who loves travel, blog, photography and the life within the nature’s beauty.

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