5/25/2019 Redfishcoin Stockholders Payment Report and Updates!

Albert Vhons
May 25 · 4 min read

Redfishcoin is a verified Waves Assets of Steemit Redfish Community. Monthly Steemit shares are the way of giving back to the community rewarding the Redfish Stockholders since 2017

Redfish Service and Rewards

Steemit Publication Medium Publication Retweet Campaign Airdrop Campaign Monthly Shares 1 Million Token Supply Buy Back Program Awesome Bonus Token Royalty Rewards PoP Steemit Promotion


20 Redfish holding, earn 2% monthly Rewards 50 Redfish holding, earn 3% monthly Rewards 100 Redfish holding, earn 3% monthly Bonus & Rewards 500 Redfish holding, earn 5% monthly Bonus & Rewards 1000 Redfish holding, earn 7% monthly Bonus & Rewards

Monthly shares are an optional way of rewarding RedfishCoin supporters/Holders. Another way of stabilizing Redfish Value. It is subject to change every contract/terms. It does not guarantee to earn huge profit nor promised large shares. It may not apply to you if you are not long term holder.

May 25 Redfishcoin Distribution!

On this day of distribution, 905 Redfishcoin was been rewarded to the holders for keeping their token. That was about $688.00 value in USD, and we are after to reach $1 this year at a stable value and hoping to reach $2 each REDF. We can do it slowly and surely with the help of our fellow supporters and holders who keep believing in us to continue to give rewards just by holding!

In the market were sudden up and down and value sometimes acts too crazy to look at, the best is HODL and HODL and HODL!!

Trading Redfishcoin

Last month, Redfishcoin was traded from 0.2702 Waves to 0.2778 Waves. Now it is good that we are doing better and soon to reach $1 each or Even Reach 1Redfish:1Waves ratio. We can do it surely and slowly

Trade and exchange Redfishcoin at WavesDEX and Nanu Exchange!

Buy = 0.295 Waves Sell = 0.285 Waves

Redfish Royalty Reward

MINNOW (MNW) token as the Royalty Rewards to the 100 Redfishcoin holding wallet. This is to give more value to the supporters. As of now, about $0.47+ MNW value has been given.

MNW Value today

Get MNW only by holding 100 Redfishcoin. Once you receive it, you can sell it anytime on WavesDEX on MINNOW/Waves pair!

Triple Token

Triple token is a token from h2ox site were it offers daily rewards by holding 10k Triple. As of now, you can get 100% a month by holding 10k Triple token. For more info please go here H2ox Site

All eligible Redfish holders receive Triple as part or Redfishcoin Bonus and Airdrop.

Laweebly Airdrops

All 100 Redfishcoin holding Wallet receive 9k LWEE, there is a fund allocated for the Redfishcoin holders. This will add another value for holding Redfishcoin at 100 minimum!

In the coming June 25, 2019 — all wallet holding 1.15 Million LWEE will get 350k LWEE.

You can hold 1 Million LWEE for just 1 Waves

Don’t have Redfishcoin yet? come and join the community holders and earn while holding.

Visit our website; https://redfishcoin.com We welcome NEW REDFISH Stockholders! HODL Patiently and get your rewards until next Payout!


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