Blog #4

I stated in my previous blogs that these blogs will only focus on the achievements of FC Bayern München. Well, I changed my mind. The topic of this blog will be my favorite American Football team the Baltimore Ravens. As at this time the regular season did not start yet I will purely focus on the offseason activities that are done by the general management of the Baltimore Ravens. As the Baltimore Ravens had a heartbreaking finish in last season this year’s team had to be perfect. However, many important playmakers had to leave the team due to various reasons. One departure really hurt the Baltimore Ravens. Haloti Ngata played since 13 years for the same team that also drafted him, the Baltimore Ravens. He was the starting Nose Tackle (NT) for 13 straight years. The reason for his departure was the increasing age and the enormous amount of money he was getting. However, in my opinion he was worth every penny he was earning due to the simple fact that he was always loyal to his team and brought his A-game for 13 straight years. Since I got interested in football he was always a part of the Baltimore Ravens. Moreover, the time recently signed the former Huston Texas Safety Kendrick Lewis. This addition will help Baltimore’s secondary immensely because of his experience in the National Football League.

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