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{Week 4 => Day 7}

In the words of the late James Brown, “I feel good, I knew that I would”. I certainly do! Apologies that I missed my post yesterday, but really couldn’t dedicated any head space to this. So yeah, Week 4 ended and we were given a weekend task to recreate Twitter. Now, as soon as I heard that, I thought it was going to be on the scale of climbing mount Everest when it came to levels of difficultly. I certainly know what Twitter is and what it’s capable of so in my head I was thinking, after only 4 weeks of coding you expect me to this?! You must be crazy. Fortunately on Friday evening, amazing Mary was able to calm all of our nerves as our expectations were totally off the mark. We had pretty much done the functionality during the week. After seeing the challenge it wasn’t too bad. The only problem for me was this week during the weekday challenge, I didn’t progress as far, so when it came for the weekend, I found myself having to do a lot of backtracking and understanding. What I found interesting however though was my quickness to dismiss things I had no clue about, like for example incorporating the gem “Bcrypt”. Initially I just couldn’t get it. I saw the complicating looking syntax and just gave up straight away, but this is where Makers Academy came into play. I came here, to change the way I think and approach learning. It took me a while, I didn’t snap out of it straight away, but one thing I did began to accept was that if I can get a very basic level of understanding rather than dismissing this horrible looking thing, I may get somewhere. Even if that means me looking at the walk through or other peoples’ work. Sure, the concept may seem difficult but if I can gain at least a basic understanding, then I’ve already made a first step into a better understanding and it’s baby steps from there. For me to realize this just made my weekend better! It actually stemmed from a conversation I had with a senior cause shes planning on working on this dope project which involves a better explanation of developers tools, rather than just a manual. Most manuals tend to just say how to use things, but she wants to make understanding things better. I kinda had in my head like hmmm I wonder this program shes working on would say. (Shout out to her if she reading this. You know who you are!) On top of the whole what would Mary say of course(shout out to Mary), but it just really clicked things into place for me and I’m feel like I really shouldn’t be deterred from scaring looking code. LOL sounds quite silly when I think about it. I didn’t exactly kill the weekend challenge, but I managed the complete it which seemed really impossible at first. Kinda like when you think something is hella scary then you experience it and you say to yourself, oh that wasn’t as bad as I thought

My weekend was dope. Spent most of it at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch doing work with a fellow student. For anyone that needs a place to concentrate, its a real great place to study. It’s also great when you can bounce of someone else. Even though of course you work individually with the weekend challenge, it’s good to have someone by your side. For Makers students I would highly recommend making it a routine. I particularly like the music in the venue because it has a Soulection-esque vibe and I literally fell in love with it, had a lil Bob Marley too. They have a cafe and bar, which you can order food and drinks and there’s pretty much everything to eat around the area. I highly recommend it, even though it gets busy, it’s worth it if you find a spot to plot. Man Shoreditch is so fresh! Also got to have a couple of drinks with some hommies at Stratford and of course played ball on Sunday morning. Excited for school tomorrow. Life is good

This was some good shit!
Banoffee pie ice cream madness

Things I’ve learnt:

  • Not to be afraid of crazy looking code. Get a foot in the door by getting a basic understanding, even if it means looking for answers and working your way back.

Things I want to focus on:

  • Bettering my understanding of user implementation on apps.
  • I believe its Javascript week? So, Javascript!


  • Didn’t play too well in basketball. Missed open layups
  • My dad’s doing some manual labor in the garden, wish I had time to help him.
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