After school special love jingle

Dear Ruby,

You were once so elegant, so bright and new,

A jewel so precious, felt like the right tool,

Learning, at times I’d act a fool, but you’d just be so cool,

A hardworking student, I had thoroughly learnt all the rules,

Defining my methods of being a dev, the first subject in school, I’ll never forget.

I’d write complete sentences, My documentation so clean, my Rspec so green,

My dreams of being the greatest team, greatest duo, the world has ever seen,

I stayed up late nights, repeated “hello world”, I’d never thought I’d be so keen,

But the truth is not all love stories are what they seem.

I’m sorry to say but I met another at Makers week 5, her game was confusing, clenched fists,

We didn’t understand each other, her territory felt like a cloudy mist,

Repeating of the word functions? so many repetitions of the word “this”?

It took me a while to understand things, I never knew another language could exist,

Her framework robust, was this love or lust?

They way she could make a single page web app with ease, I couldn’t resist,

Consistent on her existence on a web stack list,

But in truth what you resist certainly does persist and she grew on me like a cist,

Without the bad connotations, I’m pretty sure you guys get the jist.

Never get confused with Java, her full name being JavaScript.

I began to speak her language and now she’s all I think about.

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