Albert: Origins

It was never easy like this

# This is a big one…pretty much my origin story!

I am a firm believer in following energy. To my understanding everyone has a drive, whether that drive is to find something safe and continue doing that the rest of your life or if you have a undeniable mentality to be the best at something, I see it as a form of energy. This isn’t something I try to preach nor go on a deeper level about it but it’s what has always been working for me and sort of been my compass in my life.

Why coding? Why Makers Academy? For those that know me I’ve been through a range of experiences, which I’m grateful for and would never have it any other way. Just a quick summation I choose go to university, even with decent grades, to which at that point I was a professional dancer, winning a national tv competition with a crew. During that time I was performing, taking jobs, managing my crew, teaching, being a student in a dance sense and most importantly being young. The opportunity of travelling around seeing different places came hand in hand as well. Did a retail job alongside, and worked at a five star hotel at some point. I then went on to start up a bubble tea cafe business from scratch with a family friend, which finally brings me this very point in time. After everything I’ve experienced and the support of my family I was able to get by (I cannot thank them enough), although especially with the pressures of living in London, I was not able to earn a stable salary. It was always an issue at the back of my mind not being so free with the lack of money, I mean it didn’t bother me at all but it was something I was aware of. I recall several situations where I would see friends buy rounds at a bar or even simply a guy who carries his passport everywhere just so that he could disappear into the abyss of Heathrow. I don’t envy them, there’s a difference, but I wish that this was something I could bring to the table, especially when it comes down to my friends and family. I have been shown huge generosity throughout my whole life which I will never forget and I aim to repay it back. It was only till last year after the business didn’t go quite so well and after having a break from working pretty much for nonstop for two years straight where I wasn’t happy of the situation I was in, so it was time I had to do something about it.

Which brings me to the why coding? Technology has always been an mind-blowing interest of mine and in this day of age and to my understanding, there is a huge demand in developers, which are often supplied with great wages. Coding is also an art form as it requires creativity under challenging circumstances. You only know so much but theres information out there and the direction of how you go on about making a program/software is up to you and your own style and you can even invent something new that has never been done before with vast syntax. I want something that I can be creative, mentality challenged and earn a great salary. I want something that I can be creative, mentality challenged and earn a great salary. I want something that I can be creative, mentality challenged and earn a great salary. (Not a typo, just an affirmation) I’ve seen what coding consists of sporadically and my energy compass was pointing in this direction.

The internet is a beautiful thing. We are very lucky in this generation to have such vast information pretty much at the palm of our hand. The internet can teach you how to dance, how to set up a business or even how to begin a career of developer. Sounds familiar right? I came across many courses, both short and long. Different career options in a similar direction or even considered going into university. After doing research and coming to several conclusions on how to achieve this goal of mine, I came across the Makers Academy website and it instantaneously attracted me. Not because of any fancy fluid website or the companies that they associate themselves with (although very appealing!), but because of how students spoke highly of their experiences and what they are achieving now. Peoples experiences via blogs were so organic, you can feel their trials and tribulations, right from the lows of struggling with new syntax or the highs of successfully replicating Instagram. On a business level they are doing an incredible job making their online presence constant to which applaud. Students are suggested to start a blog about their experience, which is pretty much what this is, but I followed peoples stories and it much pulled me in. I had to be a part of it. Not that I am rich or anything but money is not an issue when we have so many methods into being in debt. You can get a loan pretty much for anything, so that didn’t stop me. I wanted to be hands on so I choose the onsite course, so I applied. Before joining the course you are asked to learn the foundations of ruby and go through an interview. I didn’t do so well. The almighty gate keepers said not quite yet, but with my goal and energy compass set I didn’t give up. After the one rejection they took me in and here I am writing about my experiences. This isn’t a story of never give up or anything but what I do wanna say is regardless if you academically did not do well, it’s never to late to get started.

Thought I’d give you guys some back story before we carry on with this. I just completed week 3 of the precourse to which I made my very first fully functional program on ruby, but I’ll carry that on another time…time for the arsenal match! RED ARMY! RED ARMY! RED ARMY!

TDLR: Albert origin story; I choose coding because it felt good, offered a good salary and allows me to be challenged and creative. Makers Academy felt the right way to go after seeing peoples experiences.

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