{Week 7=> Day 1}

Happy Monday everyone! Time felt like it was once relatively fast and then all of a sudden came to a screeching halt? Weird. Makers Academy felt really quiet today with the absence of the seniors. You truly miss people when they are gone, and all of a sudden we are the seniors. Probably a weird thing to say but i’m pretty certain in another life time I probably would’ve been real good friends with some of them? Anyways! so today we are working on furthering our JavaScript knowledge by creating our own testing framework and creating a single page app which shows notes taken by a user. In a sense I really think it’s cool because you begin to see how everything is just code and it really makes you appreciate the architecture of some complex functions of frameworks. I can’t believe I only learned JavaScript about 3 weeks ago, and using it in a comfortable manor. The beauty of the education at Makers really does shine through in these situations. I mean I know I’m putting in the work but if I could do it all by myself I wouldn’t be here in the first place.

At some point during the day I spoke to my coach Mary regarding Agile processes and the work ethic which made me rethink my thoughts towards team projects given that I had a difficult time last week. I’m definitely used to the whole approach of meticulously planning on how to win a war and executing the plan to perfection but to my understanding Agile programming revolves around doing not so much deep planning, and doing the planning on the fly. The reason why this is so successful is because you aren’t wasting time on planning when you potential app hasn’t even reached that level. Time spent planning on the future would become a waste as you can spend that very same time building up the app to be better. You basically would be trying to outthink yourself and possible create problems that wouldn’t exist in the first place. I understand that probably the explanation isn’t a great definition of what it is, but it’s definitely something I want to try and understand more in order for me to become a better developer. After seeing the seniors graduate, I’m definitely in this mode of sort of trying to get an idea of what work environment I wish to be in as a start of my career. Loads of thoughts going on but I’m definitely excited on the journey I am on.

Things I’ve learnt:

  • Humble yourself Albert! What I thought was right, might still be right but not apply to everything.

Things I want to focus on:

  • Agile methods of programming
  • JavaScript


  • Not much! I feel like a 10 baby!