Exuberating Happiness

{Week 5 => Day 4}

After this course at some point in my life I will take a course in Poetry. Shout out to the boy Xavier for being my inspiration. Sometimes basic sentences can’t embody what you want to say or feel.

Laughing at some dumb John Cena stuff

Today marks the first time for once I’ve actually been happy with something I’ve produced and I’d be more than happy to display. I guess most of the times, I’m like yeah, I’ve completely the challenge but I could do so much better but this time as different. It’s so exciting when you can make creative websites. Alex was my pair partner, he’s the dude whom I went to the Ace hotel on the weekend and we pretty much have a good work chemistry with. We totally went overboard with learning jQuery and practising incorporating our JavaScript code with our static website and we so much fun. So many eureka moments Archemedis would be proud of us. I can’t believe I’ve made an interact website that animates upon interaction, its so friggin cool! Mica, Natalia, Narayan, Alex, V.Robbo, everyone in the secret society, Vic.Led for the mad creative injection on the HTML, a huge dose was needed. I think because I found the beginning of this week really difficult, the clicking moment snowballing into making all these other elements make sense became fucking great. Pardon my French, I just don’t have a huge vocabulary on how to say things are awesome. I’m sure you guys are bored of it cause I keep saying a similar thing, but this place and the people give a special something that I can’t quite put my finger on it. I feel so creative in every way possible. I just want to create design and build! I definitely feel like I am more opening to learning new concepts because of this course, and it’s not even about strictly. Completely random but as soon as I got home and because it’s been on my mind, I wanted to learn how to write a poem and actually tried it. Back in the day, normally if there was school on the weekend I wouldn’t think twice about coming in to do extra work but here, I actually can’t wait. I hope my internal compass always points to me being this creative being. I feel like the feeling has been dormant for a while. Spoke about watching a comedy movie, think I’m gonna go with Happy Gilmore…classic!

Things I’ve learnt:

  • Poetry basics, writing using the senses, similes and metaphors
  • More jQuery syntax
  • HTML layout and compatibility

Things I want to focus on:

  • Learning about AJAX
  • Just being more creative. I want to begin by making my own website.


  • No struggles, currently everything feels like a 90’s r&b tune