Intro to Makers according to the book of Albert

Cue the church music

This week has been super crazy for me and I’m gonna take this moment to preach a lil’. I’ve finally embarked on my 12 week coding journey at Makers Academy and it’s been a great ride so far. I had no expectations what so ever, if anything if i’m completely honest with myself I thought it would be more challenging. Now, before my fellow students who read this and think, shit this guys is flying through and I’m flailing, let me elaborate more into what I mean, but also let me add a little context for those who are seeing my journey from the outside.

So the first dat was obviously filled with introductions to not only the course but new people, of course whom are all great. The first day was probably the hardest because it required a lot of mental energy and ice breaking which, to me when put together quite exhausting, but a necessary process in this case. Unfortunately I haven’t spend time with each individual in my cohort but seeing we are pairing up with someone new every day added with a couple of social events, i’m pretty sure I’ll get some quality time with everyone. We’ve been sort of introducing ourselves to the concept of Object Orientated Programming and Test Driven Development. (Just as a side note, I don’t want to exactly go into coding jargon but its all about letting you guys know about my experience) We were given a challenge to work on for the whole week and hone in on some other skills along the way. Every day at 2pm, we have a group meditation which absolutely works wonders and I would hugely recommend. I actually had a really different experience when I meditated by myself but I’ll save that story for another time. Each day consisted working with a different individual which was really cool. You get to work with different styles and like always two heads are much better than one. On top challenges was some workshops and I’d say a really nice start to the 12 week course.

Now going onto my earlier statement, I am absolutely not flying through this course, I don’t know everything, I still make mistakes, I still get anxious, it takes me a while to solve problems… I know I am not quite there yet but I’m confident I will be. I know to hold back certain feelings because they have this course set down to a tee. They have helped us so much removing certain constraints which help our performance, and not having to think about it helps a lot. What I am doing, is using every arsenal that they’ve given us and using it to my disposal, which in turn helps with my composure. At the back of my head keywords have always flown around…self awareness…feedback and assessment…confidence…meditation…always be simple and take baby steps…but most importantly learning how to learn. I was quite confused when they said don’t worry about not completing the challenges. Like what? you are giving us work and if we don’t complete it we are good? Everything that is being said in this learning experience I take with a grain of salt but I trust the words. I trust that with communication and feedback they will take not only myself, but everyone to the level that they need to be at. They have been doing this for x amount of years and have hundreds of successful devs. So in the back of my mind, I shove my ego back there, and say to myself, as excited you maybe, don’t worry about finishing the challenge. Cool! I don’t worry about, it’s a load off my mind. What I do focus now and ask myself constantly is how quickly I can grasp new concepts with a deep understanding. There are certainly things I have no idea in, but I apply Bloom’s Taxonomy. I kind of feel like they gave us the most useful tool in the garage already by introducing us to this concept. I believe everyone does it in the end, but if you are aware it gives you a sense of guided learning that you can apply to anything, whether it be learn a language or learn coding. If you want to understand great practices in learning please make sure you google Bloom’s Taxonomy. With this, mixed in with some extra reading I believe I have taken a big step into surviving this crash course and if you are thinking of doing this course, focus on this concept and it will work wonders. I really don’t want to sound like I have it all figured out cause I don’t but with everything I’ve come across after my initial WHAT THE FUCK? panic I say okay, what is it on a base level? Let me get a further explanation? then let me try apply it with an example that I’ve come up with myself and literally tear it apart. Okay It does’t work with this, oh but it works what that . Once I reach the third stage of Bloom’s Taxonomy, here is where I actually start to feel good about it and its all about confidence. I may not be a master at it, but once I’m able to apply it, I believe I have sufficient knowledge on it to be able use it. Then I’m able to be on a level to discuss it and perhaps even correct facts flow around, just as long as I know how it works under the hood.

You may or may not know what I just said. I certainly know a 16 year old Albert would say okay old man, whatever! But right now if Makers told me to jump off a bridge as a learning process, I probably would! (Staff at Makers, please make me jump of a bridge!) My advice to anyone taking this course is to trust them completely, and not to focus on the difficulty level of coding concepts but rather how well you can face it. Using the idea of Blooms Taxonomy guides you to reach a better understanding. I absolutely wish this was ideology was introduced to me earlier.

Just to wrap up this blog post. Can’t believe week 1 is done. Whats funny is, I could completely be wrong in everything i’ve just said but let me bask in the present moment, hopefully i’ve successfully preached to the right crowd.

TDLR: Understanding Blooms Taxonomy and applying to course has help me a lot and is what is driving me throughout this course.