That hip-hop feeling…
{Week 4 => Day 1}

Monday’s Makers Academy is always a weird day for me. It’s certainly not a bad day, it’s just we are in a weird transition where we evaluate the work done over the weekend and kick-off beginning to learn new concepts which require a lot of reading . During this time, I try to focus on how well I can absorb newly given information and play around with the tools we will be using throughout the whole week.

Let’s see, today we had our first stand up session without our awesome coach Mary. (Sad Times!) One thing I really enjoy about any group discussions in our course is when people are transparent. At stand ups is an example of when this happens. We all take turns and talk about issues and struggles we all face, and it’s really nice because there are no ego’s present and you find comfort in people facing a similar struggle as you are, which is especially helpful in this course. Finding comfort where you are constantly uncomfortable is a really nice feeling.

Today is database week and according to many sources is probably the worst week in this 12 -week program, but in my mind I’m just excited to turn up the difficulty level. Not that it’s easy so far, but in my competitive nature I love a good challenge! We dabbled on the basics of the three tier architecture of how web applications store data in databases. I was paired up with the lovely Clem and it was a pretty smooth day. What’s exciting for me is, last week we were able to create a web app, now we will be making another one but one that could probably be re-used on regular basis due to information being stored. I feel like shit certainly is getting real right now!

Today I learnt :

  • How helpful it is to draw diagrams and visually see what dense information tells you. I tend to use my photographic memory more than anything.
  • I started off the day pretty bad cause I got a punctured tire on the cycle down, but listening to “Common — The light” made me happy. Note to self: use hip-hop/music more often.
  • Meditation is too awesome! I gotta plug Dana right now. If you are a student at Makers, make sure you head to meditation 2pm daily.

Thing’s I can improve:

  • Not sure right now. I seem to be doing pretty okay right now?


  • Didn’t really struggle, as I said today was a good day and I’m feeling about a number 9.