A new strategy to improve the performance of the ASOS website

A typical need with micro-frontends

While it’s good practice for teams and micro-frontends to be as independent as possible, there are some things they should have in common e.g. component libraries.

And what about the external third party libraries which each require micro-frontends to run? Improving third party performance definitely occupies a big space in our boards — it goes without saying that we all would like our apps to produce smaller bundles.

On the front-end side, one of the strategies we currently adopt involves a fairly recently implemented tool with the purpose of producing a JS bundle, `dll.vendor.xxx.js`, …

And the lessons I learned doing all the others

I’ve been doing web development for more years than I would admit.

Good projects, terrible projects, amazing projects, some I still remember, some I completely forgot about, I did them all.

One in particular, a work I commissioned myself really, is the website I made in 2014 to make my skill set a bit more attractive and get a job abroad. What a pivotal moment in my life that was.

It took around 3 weeks to be completed, 2 days to do the bulk, the rest to refine it.

What I didn’t expect was this enormous amount of positive feedback…

If yes, that’s how I would make it happen

In general, a Design System could be loosely defined as a system built to serve teams, to develop and ship features more efficiently to form a more cohesive customer journey across all the applications.
Ecosystem quality through consistency.

Product development is our core business. In our world, our software is in a perpetual state of evolution.
Features are added constantly, while our backlog keeps being fed with corrections and updates. The resources are not infinite, engineers and product designers are constantly busy following the roadmaps.

How do we think we will be able to build even another product such as…

About the ‘But it looks different on the Specs’ effect, UI Toolkits, and other stuff.

Two different planets, but at least they’re in the same Solar System! And that’s the end of the analogy with planets.

Allergy Advice

This is an article about Design Systems, particularly on the topic of UI Toolkits and the dynamics of the communication between Designers and Developers.

Designers, something tells me that you know about Design Systems and that you may dig them :) In case you want to read more, Nathan Curtis wrote a lot about it. I do love and respect his work on Design Systems.

Developers, I’m going to show some code at the end. The playground is a…

Whiteboard coding interviews can cost you a job

march 2019: wow this article did have quite a few claps, getting closer to 17k! I’m grateful to everyone who showed support! Just to give you an update, I’m now a software engineer at ASOS and could not be happier than this. Well actually I’ll be even happier in a few days, when my first kid will be born 😍
I have many ideas for new articles, I will just need to find the time to write them. Want to get notified? Adding me on Twitter is the best way!

Recently I’ve been quite close to getting a job at…

A recipe for happy designers, happy developers, but most of all, happy users.

Once upon a time (few weeks ago), I was asked to work on a new product.
Start solo with UI & FE, it’s greenfield, feel free to experiment.” I guess that my response, something like, “all right,” was a bit underplayed.

In case you were born after they stopped doing nice kids movies, this is The Neverending Story, 1985.

Sadly, a couple of long, long weeks later, I didn’t have a clue about how to build an interface for this application.

I said “ok, think, we’re gonna need a header, we’re gonna need a footer, and we’re gonna need a…

[2018] This article is probably outdated. CSS modules, Css-in-JS, etc, those are the tools I would use now.

Happy with your CSS files in your big app?


Hello, my name is Albino Tonnina.
I’m a senior front-end developer at Workshare, London.

I work daily with a bunch of talented people. Young developers and people who remember how to write the Box Model Hack for IE6.

Javascript aces and CSS ninjas.

Working with CSS can be a dirty frustrating job…

Through the years I read and worked with these acronymic CSS methodologies that came out of some brilliant minds in an admirable attempt to end up the mess, fighting against the many specificity issues or the globally scoped nature…

Albino Tonnina

Senior Software Engineer at ASOS

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