Gathering In Albion Online

We know that many of you new Albion Online players have come her to take advantage of our low priced Albion Online Silver. But we also like to give you some tips on the game as well and today we are going to help you gather more efficiently in Albion Online. We will look at places on the map and let you know what you can gather there.

Gathering In Albion Online


Mearepools is a swamp biome and here you can get a very nice amount of cloth and fiber. While the swamp biomes are great for fiber. As there is a high amount of reptiles here, skinning is also very good.

Blyn Brae

For those of you who are really focused on mining, Blyn Brae is where you want to be. If you want to get a good amount of ore then look for zones that have the little ore icon, click it and you will see exactly what that area has.


Celidon is the forest area of the map. As this is a forest, you are of course going to get a large amount of wood here.


Umbrash is the steep area of the game and there is a ton of animals here, wolves, bears and so on so there is a lot of skinning opportunity here.


This is a stone area so you, of course, are going to find a lot of rocks here, which of course can come in handy.

Unusual Concentration Icons

These are great as when you click on them they let you know if there is a high density of rock, wood or whatever. This, on one hand, is great as it lets you know where to go. But other players can see these so by the time you get there, the area might not have a lot of resources left for you. So just keep that in mind.