I’ve heard a lot of people say that high school friends are nothing more than people that you have seen daily for four years of your academic life and that your college friends will change your life moreso.

After graduating from high school and completing my first year of college, I feared for this to be true. However, after nearly five weeks back at home, it’s safe for me to think otherwise.

Sure, my college friends have impacted me in some way or another, but reconnecting with my high school friends every once in a while gets me reinvigorated.

It’s a matter of nurturing.

These bonds that I have made for the past four plus years with my high school friends continue to grow in some sort of way, despite the low maintenance that these bonds have had during my first year of college. We’ve all gone our own way, but even for the shortest time, catching up with them makes me feel good inside.

That’s when I realized: they’re still squad. Squad cannot be easily replaced, given the many times I have already spent with each of them beforehand. Even though we may not all be together, it’s still a pretty amazing feeling to catch up with each of them.

And in no way am I dismissing my college friends, because they have helped me in more ways than one in the previous year. I just hope within the next three years that I am able to include these friends into my squad, in addition to my high school friends.

They’re all part of a network, but to cut any of them off suddenly and without any reason would be very bizarre.

I don’t feel like I should distinguish and discern between high school and college friends and the impact that each of them have had on me. All of them are friends. That should be enough, right? Then, I can go from there.

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