Two big things about this WWDC.

No.1. Deep Linking!

That’s some serious stuff right there. What makes the web the web? The ability to link to a piece of content within a site. To isolate something from within a greater thing and provide an address and description for that thing. That’s the magic of the web. And apple are providing an api so that apps can do this too. So the question is, will anyone ever leave iOS for any content if iOS can provide that content without going to the browser (I.e. Google) ?

Secondly, how do Google survive when they will literally be starved of oxygen (I.e. Content to index)? More importantly, the iOS users may only be 15–20% of the market but they are by far the richest and most important part of the market. What do your ad rates look like when you can’t sell these users to your clients?

Finally, with apple not going down the ad route at all, I’m sure content companies like the New York Times and Conde Nast would rather apple indexed their content rather than Google. Publishers have been lamenting giving up their content to Google for years. This looks like a Benny Blanco from the Bronx moment right now (Carlito’s Way, look it up…)

I know Google announced the same feature at iO for android but advertisers want the best part of the meat. A future where iOS users practically disappear from the net and Google’s grasp is a bit of game changer. I’m sure Google are nervously tapping their feet right now.

No. 2.

Apple are trying to create the BBC’s radio 1 for the whole world! Radio 1 is unique because it’s a national broadcaster that is publicly funded with a remit to provide music to the 15–35 yr old demographic. They are not interested in advertisers because they are funded by the tax payer through a license fee that everyone has to pay. This has given them the unique ability to actually play music that kids like rather than what the advertisers and big business wants them to play.

Hence we have had legendary dj’s like John Peel, Pete Tong, Tim Westwood and Zane Lowe practically change the psyche of your average young kid over the years. Playing songs because they are good or interesting rather than because of payola. Commercial broadcasters simply can not compete with the reach (the whole of the U.K) or the need not to make money.

Apple will attempt to translate that service world wide. If they pull it off they will change the music industry forever. With a reach of hundreds of millions of users their dj’s could make artists big over night. The power they will have to break new acts worldwide simultaneously will be unparalleled. You couldn’t fight it, it would be too big.

I’m not sure people understand the significance of this should they pull it off. Apple will control the music industry. Not Viacom/MTV, not Vevo, not Universal/BMG or any one of the normal players. It will be Apple that will it only inform the listener worldwide but will provide the song / stream and social content at the same time.

Absolute game changer if it works.

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