Some Examples of Great Storytelling Journalism

This is just a bunch of articles I’ve gathered while working on a project lately.

The New York Times notorious piece Snow Fall was possibly the first to draw attention to the possibility of creating richer articles, back in 2012.

A lot of magazines produced interesting content from then till now, with intelligent use of video, photography and illustrations.

Below I’m sharing a few ones I’ve bookmarked along the way.

Snow Fall— The New York Times, 2012

The Guardian has a nice navigation combined to smart use of video and photography for documenting a Firestorm in Australia.

Firestorm — The Guardian, 2013

Bloomberg Business goes 80’s with its Krugman Battles the Austerians Funny video-game style illustrations and unusual horizontal scrolling for a severe economic topic.

Krugman Battles the Austerians — Bloomberg Business, 2015

The Washington Post has a nice illustrated story that scrolls vertically from bottom to the top, in Scaling Everest.

Scaling Everest — The Washington Post, 2015

Google is mastering the navigation in three dimensions with its Night Walk that lets you discover Marseille street art scene.

Night Walk — Google, 2014

Great 3D visualisation for the new Whitney Museum, another hit by NYT.

A New Whitney — The New York Times, 2015

Wired keeps it simple, showing a perfect use of animated illustration for this couple of articles.

The Untold Story of Silk Road— Wired, 2015
The Genesis Engine — Wired, 2015

And to conclude, a few extra articles from The New York Times.

The Voyages — The New York Times, 2015
An Image of Earth Every 10 Minutes — The New York Times, 2015
In Flight — The New York Times, 2015

And a couple of bonus ones, recently published: The Drone Papers by The Intercept and The Future of Food, part of Commerce of Tomorrow, enjoy :)

The Drone Papers — The Intercept, 2015