Being Pragmatical is A Hard-To-Get

I don’t understand why some people became so rude and cynical lately. Or maybe, it already happened all this time.

The president of my country, Mr Joko Widodo, was at United States to meet with some of the leadings technology companies there, to talk about some plans to be doing here at Indonesia. To make this country a better country than ever.

And some people talk bad things behind him about this “trip”.

Is it so bad if he wants Google’s Loon Project to be on Papua to help people there having internet connection?

Is it so bad if Microsoft are capable to provide affordable Windows OS for everyone who previously using pirated software, only to get their job done?

And Facebook? Who has program, and already known for the successful “tech startup” this decade? They will be able to help Indonesian people to build a better startup. Think of it as an exchange programme.

Oh, and Apple. It’s already known too that Apple uses Indonesia’s tin a lot on their products. And maybe, Mr President able to provide tins to Apple, directly. Imagine that, no more middleman and evil broker! Indonesia’s tin are known for it’s great quality.

And yet, some people talk shitty things about it on social media, and mock him.

I really don’t get it. Why being such a irrational and impractical bitches? He is trying to make this country better. Why can’t you just support him and pray for him?

Somehow, I feel that the freedom of speech in this country has gone too far.