One of the key issues we find again and again in under-performing paid search campaigns is a lack of focus on what happens after people click.

You’ll see a lot of companies, of all sizes, focus on the ad campaign effectiveness — Cost Per Click must be low, number of clicks must be high!

Far too often the actual landing page experience — the point where you convert the user to a customer or a lead — is very poorly implemented. The actual Cost Per Sale or Cost Per Acquisition numbers are very low indeed.

You can achieve better paid…

Take control of your personal brand, before it’s too late…

The phone rang.

The voice at the end of the phone was calm but a bit nervous. “Hello Al,” she began, “we need your help. Can we remove links from Google?”

“I don’t do ‘social media’”

The internet is, at it’s heart, the sum total of human knowledge. It’s an always-on resource for where things are, what they’re like, why things happen, what that rash is, and much more. It’s also the fastest way to find out who people are.

Think about that one for a minute: Who people are.

This is probably the biggest opportunity/risk missed by established professionals…

Alister Cattell

Technology & Platforms @ Candyspace

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