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Alchemy Integrates Chainlink to Power DeFi Products and Payment Systems

Alchemy Pay, a pioneer in hybrid crypto and fiat payment solutions, is integrating Chainlink’s widely used Price Feeds to help power DeFi products in its DeFi platform as well as set fair market exchange rates on its crypto payments gateway system.

By integrating Chainlink, we are able to decentralize and expand Alchemy’s financial services, providing our users with highly accurate and transparent decentralized price feeds to power more reliable payments and secure future financing and investment products across crypto and traditional assets.

We feel confident using Chainlink’s market leading solution, as it provides the most widely adopted and trusted price feeds in the DeFi market, collectively securing billions of dollars in value for many top DeFi applications. Chainlink’s Price Feeds are secured by a decentralized on-chain network of secure node operators, who source data from a multitude of high-quality data aggregators. This ensures highly accurate and available price feeds that are resistant to manipulation and transparent to our platform users. …


Alchemy Pay

Pioneer of World’s First Hybrid Fiat & Crypto Payment System

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