Reduce your install time up to 70%. Ask me how! 😱

Anyone who knows me can confirm that I’m a long-standing lover of JavaScript and its entire ecosystem. As a Front-end engineer, Node-based package managers have been a crucial part of my toolset since 2013.

First, I used Bower, which was primarily focused on the front-end world. Then, in 2015, I…

Time-saving techniques used by pros

1. Clearing or truncating an array

An easy way of clearing or truncating an array without reassigning it is by changing its length property value:

2. Simulating named parameters with object destructuring


This is how the output of our testing framework will look like

I promise, this is gonna be fun. =)

Probably, automated tests are part of your daily routine (if not, please stop reading this article and start from the beginning, by learning from the father of TDD himself). You’ve been using testing frameworks such as Node-tap (or Tape), Jasmine, Mocha or…

Alcides Queiroz

JavaScript hacker, front-end engineer and F/OSS lover.

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