Let Us Talk About Rejection

At some point we all get rejected and feel a bit beaten down or deflated. At work we don’t get the project we want, a relationship is ended by our significant other, or life simply doesn’t work out the way that we thought it would. I think one of the grave mistakes we do is take the rejection personally. We use it as a reason to define ourselves as “not good enough” or “unlucky”. But what if we saw that rejection as nothing personal? What if we chose to look at it as a blessing for something better or, at the very least, not our problem but a reflection of those it came from?

Sometimes things don’t work out simply because they aren’t right for us. There is no wrong in that. Maybe you didn’t get the job because it wasn’t a good fit for you. Maybe the relationship ended because it wasn’t right, but neither one of you wanted to admit it. Maybe you aren’t unlucky, but rather all these “wrong” things are happening to eventually show you what is right. Sometimes the road is long and hard. And sometimes rejection hurts, but if we can take a step back to really look at the reason for it maybe we can see that it is about us really realizing what we want and fighting for something better.

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