How to discipline a child without hitting

How to discipline a child at home — Make child discipline is difficult, but it does not mean that parents can’t teach discipline to the children early on. How to cope with child diarrhea As parents, we have to know the right way of disciplining children in ways that should not make the child was afraid of his parents. It is very important to teach discipline to all early so that after moving up, our children have become accustomed to being the figure of the discipline.How to clean glass bathroom and shower curtain

1 Reward for well behaved

How to discipline a biting child??Parents often provide more penalties to the children and tend to overlook the good behavior of the child. We as parents need to better appreciate the good behavior of our children, even though the behavior is good for the slightest thing.How to brighten skin

However,good ways to punish your child this does not mean that parents should give you a heap of toys each time the child helps parents. Parents can give praise sweet like “Wow, you did a good job” when we clean his own room without having to be told. And when we did a great thing, we as parents can only give a reward in the form of gifts in order to make the child feel that he or she actually did a very good thing good discipline.

2 Be consistent

How to discipline a child who won’t listen??If the parent wants her child to be more disciplined, so parents should be consistent regarding the rules that are already determined. For example, when children are having free time, they can just play with the toy, but on the other hand the child must help parents before getting a piece. Parents can give children a work light. Try not to feel pity and too weak to the child. Firmly but do not cause the fear to the child. Try to keep being consistent though in front of the public, so that the child becomes accustomed to be consistent no matter where the child is located.How to eliminate deep acne scars

3 Respect your child

Remember, that you too are human, despite their much younger age or stressnya you confront your child’s behaviour. If parents want to be respected by his children, then parents must respect and accept that the son was an ordinary man who is not perfect and still needs love and attention from their parents. When the children do bad behavior, do not immediately snapped, rebuked him or yell. Parents start trying to cool down first before giving advice to his son about the bad behavior. Do not give a bad name to the child such as “you stupid kid” or the like. Because that would make him feel worse and his heart will be hurt when the parents called her. Give a good name to the child. And when the parents made the mistake to his children, do not hesitate and hesitate to apologize to the children, because the children would later do the same thing to his parents. The child will be so accustomed apologized to his parents when he made a mistake, even though it was a small mistake.

4 Teach consequences in children

How to discipline a child who won’t listen??Teach children about the consequences of bad behavior is against good things. When the children do bad behavior, as parents we should give it an explanation of the consequences of bad behavior, for example, when the children ruining her toys and she felt angry and upset because the toy is damaged, the parents should provide an explanation with gentle behavior as bad. Explain that the toy must be in a desirable and in keep not quickly broken. Give consequences that he could not directly have a new toy the toy because it had just broken. Later the child will be more careful in keeping the play as it is not easy to have a new toy again.

5 Authoritative, authoritarian not

Authoritative parents are parents who have rules and consequences are obvious but still dote on his son. The authoritative parent is still providing a flexible space for the children to discuss and give it the solution of the problem. While authoritarian parents are parents rules and consequences clear but do not give affection to his authoritarian parents also did not give an explanation behind his behaviour to the child. It’s what makes the child feel unloved by her parents and children so don’t understand the parents. Parents should also avoid being permissive parents.How to discipline a child without hitting and yelling?? Parents who would let children do whatever they want because the parents are very loving and merasak feel sorry for the children to say no to them. This permissive parents would cause negative effects on a child especially when that child becomes an adult. They will be thinking that he will always be able to get whatever he wants.How to prevent blackheads on face.

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