Meditation for men can also make many activities can be done away from the injury.How to meditate at work?? In addition, the body will also tend to choose to do a diet far healthier and a lifestyle that is much better.How to fix dry hair branching If the guy doing the meditation on the sidelines or even if the working time in a relaxing time in the House, then everyday life will be much better.How to meditate before sleep.

Things that need to be in the know before meditation

1. The Silence

The real silence located within us, and can be achieved through concentration. Silence is the inner attitude in closely related: recognize, open, love each other. This contains truth, silence heals and soothes.

2. Silence

Silence is a balance of physical, mental and spiritual. Silent physically will have a direct impact on the silence of the soul.

3. Simple

It means to be ourselves for what it is. Don’t have expenses and expectations. Do not evaluate anything, including your meditation. Biodiversity and enjoy what’s going on.

4. Let go

Resigned everything and anything that happens to the lord.

How To Implement Meditate

  • Sit with your back straight and in a State as relaxed as possible
  • Silent, calm yourself, with your eyes closed
  • Any start or end the meditation, pray according to your beliefs