Try DAO Digital Insurance And You Will Never Go Back To Traditional Insurance.
Augustas Staras

This is an interesting teaser — I think it would benefit though from a clearer explanation (by way of examples) of the events Aigang solution would be able to offer insurance (by way of an app) for. Are we talking personal injury? Death? Crashed car? Damage to an apartment left after a break-in? Cryptolocked archive of personal photos? Or is it just about insuring network-connected devices — e.g. smartphones, tablets, networked refrigerators, etc — with compensation paid out in case they malfunction? And in the latter case — how about a malfunction that renders a smartphone fully bricked and unable to report its status and diagnostic self-testing to the network? Perhaps this is answered elsewhere on site, Slack channels, etc — but for people stumbling onto this blog post without prior knowledge of Aigang this could be a bit confusing.

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