How might we improve the quality and process of sleep.

My General Ideas

New Warm-Up Game

Sara is holding the letter B and showing everyone in the group
Nancy is pointing to Adel and smiling because she enjoyed the game
Sara is pointing to Reham and she is having fun

For the warm game, I cut out pieces of paper into small squares and each paper had alphabets from A to L and some categories like animals, occupations, and food. To start the game, one person will pick a paper and see what’s inside ,show others what it is and then say a word that starts with that letter or category and then point to someone else in the group. There was one rule which is you can’t repeat each others answers. It didn’t take a long time until they grasped the game. During the game, the participants can pick another paper and switch to another letter whenever they feel they’re stuck or want another letter. The game turned out great and everyone was laughing and having a good time. It turned out awesome and got everyone in good and excited mode to move on to the brainstorm session.

Session Organization

Left front: Reham, Nancy, Sara and Adel

I had a hard time finding a good mixed of group of people. I had to reschedule the session meeting twice and finally everyone made it to the session on time. We have Sara, Nancy, Adel and Reham. Sara and Nancy are both sophomore design students and they would like to find good paying jobs here after graduating. Sara is from here. Nancy is from Panama and she speaks Spanish fluently. Adel is computer science grad student and he hopes to work soon after graduation. Reham is ESL English as Second Language student and would like to work in another countries to teach English. She is an international student. I decided that we meet in Coffman in one of the study rooms in the second floor. I liked the room as it has nice have oval tables and chairs also it has white board which I used to mount the ideas. I asked them to sit on the chairs and we started with my warm-up game. Then, I asked them to pick a color from the post-it note and they generated ideas for 30 minutes which is total of 58 ideas and IPM was .5

I used two of the techniques showed in the class when I felt the group stopped generating ideas and that helped a lot to bring people back to the game. Showing them two random objects, umbrella and container and negative brainstorming. Also, I showed them my ideas.

Sorting and Voting

From left to right: Sara, Nancy and Adel doing the silent sort

When it was time to sort and vote, I asked them to do silent sort and once they’re done I asked them to name the categories. The categories were: beds, technology, actions, audio, objects, supplements (food), forceful sleeping methods, lights and wearable. Then, it was time to vote. I gave each one 6 orange stickers and 6 green stickers. The orange stickers were for ideas that are creative. The green stickers were for ideas that you would love to see in the market. Once they were done, I asked them if they agree on what was getting the most green stickers and most of them were. After that, I went back and looked through the ideas that got the most votes and decided to choose some of them for the top 10 ideas.

From left: Sara, Nancy, Adel and Reham

Here we have the ideas in categories. Dream glasses from wearable category got the most votes: two orange stickers and one green sticker.

Top Ideas

1. Dream Glasses by Sara; 2. Energy Drainer by Nancy; 3. Lights out by Adel and Reham
4. Sunlight Emitter by Sara; 5. Boring lecture by Adel; 6. Sleep Chamber by Sara
7. Lavender-stuffed pillow by Sara
8.Swinging Cacoon by Sara
9. Reverse memory foam bed by Sara; 10. Door shock that makes you go back to bed by Mona
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