Resurrection for Sale


I knew a man once
His love was for all
He gave up his body
To rescue our souls

Many wars followed
Cause we didn’t know
Our understanding
Was not full at all

His message was simple
Give more than you take
Many wars followed
We were not awake

But now it is different
We all heard his call
We understand now
We won’t go to war

No war based on color 
No war based on source
We understand now
We did hear his voice

I knew a man once
He warned us don’t stone 
Don’t throw rock at other
Unless you are whole

Because when you are
Last thing you might want
Is punishing others 
Those who don’t know

I knew a man once 
His love was for all
His promise was simple
No need to have more

Love one another
Give more than you take
I know it sounds crazy
But don’t be afraid

Your claim to privilege
Wave and taste freedom
Lift vail of illusion
Discover your wisdom

His offer was simple
It does bear his seal
Donald swamp drainer
Could you close that deal?

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