Male, Queer, Feminist: Posters

Alden C. Golab
Jan 19, 2017 · 2 min read

I’m going to be marching on Saturday here in Chicago. Not only do I embrace the platform of the Women’s March — you can read it here — but I believe that the next four years are going to require a lot of progressives on the ground, organizing locally and not just in the halls of DC. Freedom is a constant struggle and now’s the time to show that we will not be silent, that we will fight for the freedoms and rights we’ve gained. I view Saturday as a show of strength more than anything.

It’s also going to be my first public action, mostly because I’m not well connected with the BLM networks here in Chicago (and grad school assignments tend to get in the way of these things).

In preparation, I made a couple of posters, at least two of which my partner and I will be marching with. I’m sharing those here. Feel free to print, march, disseminate, or whatever you’d like to do with them (just follow the CC license, of course). You can find PDFs on my website:

Get out there and let your voice be heard.

Alden C. Golab

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