Question: Which direction is the culture moving in?

Answer: DAT WAY!!!

2018 is the year of the creators. Various platforms and vehicles have been designed for creators to put whatever ideas we want into the world with minimum financial investment. We can shoot content on our phones or on the latest digital camera. We can create music in our bedrooms and upload it to multiple streaming outlets. We have social media outlets and blogs to curate our unique interest and share them with a hand selected network of friends if we wish.

We have seen globally recognized sneaker brands begin to embrace to coolest influencers and really pay them and allow them to create product to sell to the world (thanks to Kanye West). We have seen car and beverage brands invest in music festivals that galvanizes millions of youth annually for unique experiences.

This isn’t about brands or sponsorship's. This is about PEOPLE and how we will continue to work together to create the best products, content and cultural experiences. Most of all how will we make each other better personally and professionally. We have the POWER to shift the direction of the culture whichever way we see fit through what we put into the world and how it benefits the communities surrounding us.

As technology evolves and new ideas are sprouting daily. The best thing we can do is create, create, create and allow the world to join on our process.

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