Myths about Dental Care Answered

Most of us usually hear a lot of dental care facts which are not actually the facts. Yes, I am talking about myths here. Some of these myths are so well-known that people have actually started believing in them. Of course you need to be vigilant about your oral health and you need to have enough information in order to stay safe; but this vigilance doesn’t need to be based on myths. There are certain things which are not as harmful as they are portrayed to be. And what’s more dangerous here is that there are a lot of harmful things which are thought to be less harmful.

Having that said, it would be worth talking about some most common myths related to the dental care.

Brushing your teeth can cause bleeding gums to bleed more

The main concept behind this myth is that you need to allow your gums to heal. However, you have to keep in mind that not brushing your teeth can cause building up of plaque that can lead to bleeding gums. So, you need to pay more attention to cleaning your teeth if you have bleeding gums.

Tooth sensitivity is the sign of cavity

This myth is true only at a certain degree because it is not the only reason for the teeth to become sensitive. There can be many other reasons for the teeth to become sensitive. Recessed gums which allow toot root to be exposed can cause increased tooth sensitivity.

Sugar intake is the reason for cavities

Most of the people think about sugar as the main culprit behind cavities. Due to this myth, many people stop having sugars at all. Well, you need to have necessary sugar intake because it is a source of energy. As far as the question about sugar being a reason for cavities is concerned, the main culprit is basically the bacterial acid which is generated by the bacteria that consumes sugars and carbohydrates. While limiting the sugar consumption can help, it would be more important to clean your teeth after eating sweet items.

Bleaching can be harmful for tooth enamel

This belief has been staying here due to the fact that a bleaching session normally results in sensitive teeth. Well, it is not the kind of sensitivity which occurs due to thinning of tooth enamel. Although bleaching may demineralize teeth a bit but this demineralization is not quite serious. You will definitely be able to get rid of this sensitivity in a few days.

You have to make sure that you call or visit your dentist if you have any concern about your oral health. Deciding things based on myths can actually cause more harm than good.