Top 10 Trophy Boys of Underwear Modeling — Part 2

Just when we thought it would take a few days to come up with another batch of Hot Trophy boys bulging everywhere, here we are with part two. If you haven’t checked out, Top 10 Trophy Boys of Underwear Modeling — Part 1, you should now!

Like what was previously mentioned trophy boys are everywhere from every social media channel dominating your newsfeeds often even if you do not follow them.

But What are Trophy Boys Exactly?

Trophy boys are men with tight muscles, pretty faces and cocks to die for. Okay, the last one was made up. The term trophy boy obviously was coined from “trophy wife” or “trophy girlfriend” although just like anything these days. Definitions may be different, depending on popularity of the term.

In short, trophy boys are men you would want to be proud of acquiring. Is that bad? Some would say it is, but those some are probably not looking at blogs like these to begin with. Trophy boys are hot, they make our lives better. LOL! For the haters, good luck! Enjoy the next section with even hotter and bolder pictures from our hot trophy boys proud of heir bulges and buns!

Part 2 of the Top 10 Trophy Boys of Underwear Modeling

1. Den Wok

Den’s work with Playful collection of Addicted Underwear turns out to be one hell of a hot turnout! With a body that can look good on any underwear and a face that is cross between innocence and naughty, he really sums up the collection.

If you look at his pictures below, you will find one shot with a boner in a see-through underwear. He would have looked great from any of the lace underwear at the Dude Undies shop. Nonetheless, hope you also enjoy his naked pictures below, for we sure did.

Den has a gorgeous cock, that earns him the number 1 spot for the part 2 list.

2. Josh Monrad

Josh can probably melt anyone, a guy, a girl or a trans. Damn this boy is smoking hot. His body screams for hot action, a true trophy boy of the underwear modelling industry.

The picture of him below with his cock see-through on a white underwear is a spectacular piece.

3. Andrew Corvin

You know there are men with a look that screams out “I will do you long and hard!” Andrew’s got that. He seems like a trophy boy who would leave you soar and keep you in bed for days.

His tattoos adds to the naughty look. If he models some of the new Xtremen Underwear, he makes a perfect fit to be the ambassador of the that brand. Either way, whatever he models he looks hot! Even when naked! Sorry, no completely naked pics found, although his other pics looks equally hot and will leave begging for more.

4. Mark Tsarevskiy

A trophy boy that has a very handsome face. Mark can tease you with just his eyes. But of course we would rather be teased by his body parts. And he won’t fail you either.

Seriously mark has a body proportion that seems to have been sculpted by fairies and goddesses. Enjoy!

5. Darren Birks

When you pray and say, “please send me a trophy boy!” you are actually saying please send me a Darren Birks. Hot, ultra masculine and looks like hard performer in bed. Darren seems to be able to fulfill your every sexual desire.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

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