Some faked interview on CNN doesn’t have a damn thing to do with it.
Jeremy Riddle

What is crazy in our so-called “evolved” era is that we can accuse a leader of crimes against humanity without necessarily needing irrefutable evidence. The number of times Bashar was accused of killing his people, torturing the prisoners, pulling the crowd on his people without remorse, using gas on the populations etc., but strangely no unquestionable proof is provided to us . Most UN reports are never made by independent organizations, the UN never reacts firmly on torture in Saudi Arabia, but howls when a white helmet tells that it has witnessed scandalous acts of The Syrian army. What is this world? 
How do these people explain that the Syrians have been supporting Bashar Assad for 6 years if he is this so called “dictator” ? How do these people explain that since the cities of Aleppo and Homs have been taken over, hundreds of thousands of Syrians are returning to their country after they have fled? 
Hope that these smart people do not think that Syrian people = stupid, it’s clearly the opposite.

What happens in Syria is the exact scenario of what the CIA had planned in 1985, exactly point by point. Revolts, targeted wars, etc.
Read it is official:

Those who believe in coincidences are really dangerous for society because they are manipulable as the neo-colonialist elites who govern us want.

Finally, most of the accusations come from a country that is touched by God and can kill millions of innocent people for centuries without ever asking a single question. The US has literally eliminated dozens millions innocents without ever being pursued ! And they decide that a “dictator” -who in fact is a state that resists their threats, like Korea, Venezuela, Libye, Syria, etc.- must be judged for his crimes far more serious than theirs because it is like this, he has Not the right to kill insurgents financed by the Westerners. This is inappropriate. One walks on the head and reverses the scale of values.

Regime Change has been the CIA’s №1 technique for decades, always the same scenario and often the same results. Reproach that IRAN is an Islamic republic whereas before the change of regime CIA of 1950, women could wear skirts … It is always the same bul**. 
The balance of the geopolitical forces is destroyed, and then Daesh and the attacks in France are brought to light. Without Saddam, Gaddafi you have AlQaida, ISIS, and the refugee crisis. 
Vision is always on short terms but those who killed these heads of state will not be punished for their crime. For 1 dictator eliminated, nearly 3 million innocent are eliminated by edge effects. 
Congratulations to this smart “elite”, not for what they do so badly, but for their powerful ability to morph bad guys into princess and Turn princess into public enemy #1.

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