Never mind the quality, look a squirrel

The elite are in shock. Toynbee’s article today in the Pravda of the Ivory Tower didn’t just jump a shark, but a whole line of them Evel Knievel style.

Most tellingly:

voters won’t blame themselves for their own folly

The idea that it may be the residents of Ivory Tower, London, N1 that may be mistaken never enters their head.

The blinkers are firmly in place here. And all they want to talk about is the numbers. The other side of the elite fence is just as bad. Here’s Fraser Nelson in the Spectator on the subject

Given that Britain’s net migration is about 330,000 a year, Andrew Neil asked Farage how far he sees it falling after Brexit. He didn’t have an answer.

This is the line taken. Frame the question on numbers.

But of course they miss the point completely. This has never been a numbers argument. This is about quality. If we impose Tier 2 visa restrictions on all immigration, rather than just non-EU migrants, then we’re likely to get migrants that fly Alan Bennett class.

And that makes all the difference. If, for any given immigration cap, you have fewer low-paid people coming into the country, then that frees up slots for more high-paid people, and that increases the net benefit to the resident population.

The statistics are quite clear:

Migration Observatory — Potential Implications of Admission Criteria for EU Nationals Coming to the UK

88% of current EU immigrants would fail the tests to obtain a work visa.

Every other advanced civilised nation on earth, outside the EU, excludes such people from a work visa. And for good reason — they already have a surplus at home and quite a lot of them are in need of a job.

In the Referendum campaign this is the only set of people that are at issue — those from the EU who wouldn’t otherwise get a work visa. But you will never hear the denizens of the Ivory Tower mention them as a group. Not once.

Our work visa system should be the one the majority of the world uses. To get that we must Vote Leave.