Anti-abortion feminists, can there be such a thing?

Being a feminist but also being anti-abortion doesn’t sit well with many people. It is dubbed a total contradiction because how can a woman be a feminist and want equal rights and be respected equally to men when she doesn’t believe in abortion. That is absurd! She might as well give up the rights she has left and let her man decide her life for her.

Feminism is to many women the right to make decisions for themselves; not having to ask permission or answer to anyone so, denying women the right to decide what they do with their body is outrageous.

The ‘New Wave Feminists’ are an organization that believes they are feminists but they can also be anti-abortion. Their slogan is ‘Badass. Prolife. Feminists.’ Now many women find this highly offensive and are angry at it now, we can’t be surprised as to why.


The group participated in the Women’s March events. The group’s founder, Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, said that she saw the march as “a strong, united female voice to say ‘we’re watching you and we’re holding you accountable,” adding that the group was “really excited to be included in that voice.”

This received a lot of backlash on social media, as New Wave Feminism is a group that Feminists want to disassociate themselves with immediately. This New Wave group are everything that women have fought so long not to be, they want to have choice and a voice and they want to be in charge of their own lives, groups such as New Wave Feminism stop them from achieving this.

Women belonging to the New Wave Feminism group are nothing less than Trump, their site features this sentence ‘Our world spends a lot of time tearing down women; we want to be a part of building them up.’ Yet they are doing the opposite. Trump’s barbaric behavior and the signing of the ‘global gag rule’ is stripping all funding that helps women in impoverished areas have an abortion. This isn’t being ‘pro-life’ it is objectifying women and disabling them to have control over their own body and New Wave Feminism agrees with this. It is a violation of women’s rights; it is not what feminism is.

After the online outrage at Women’s March for allowing pro-life activists to attend they removed them from their website and list of partners.

‘The Women’s March’s platform is pro-choice and that has been our stance from day one,” the organizers said.

There were many pro-life activists who didn’t go because they felt unwelcome, they didn’t feel like they were part of the feminist community. It is simply outrageous, what’s going on in the world is unheard of, feminism has lost its true meaning, people are trying to modernize it and make it their own, in the midst of all this we are losing who we are and what we truly stand for!

Aleksandra Ganuszko