My experiences talking at some international conferences, speaking about Node.js, Javascript, WebRTC, VoIP and Nextcloud.

Podcast OpenHive.JS 2020

Published by NearForm

Oct 8th 2020

“Node.js: explores open source in VoIP”

Podcast on Spotify

ClueCon Weekly 2020

Jul 15th 2020 (Online)

“Node.js Asterisk proxy: astproxy NPM module”

Node.JS Global Summit 2020

May 30th 2020 (Online)

“A world of Rest APIs…from Restify to a faster Fastify”

NodejsDay 2019

3 October 2019 (Verona — IT)

“A world of Rest APIs…from Restify to a faster Fastify”

ClueCon 2019

8 August 2019 (Chicago — IL)

“WebRTC Cloud Phone with Asterisk, sipML5 & Janus”

JSConf Belgium 2019

20 June 2019 (Bruges — BE)

“Javascript WebRTC: make JS Audio &…

Article appeared in The Register and Wired.

With this article I would like to share a real experience of discovering a malware that mines cryptocurrency using the extensions of the most widely used browser in the world: Google Chrome.

It was thursday 21th September 2017, an ordinary work day, when company IDS (Intrusion Detection System) of NethServer warned me of suspicious traffic originated from my pc, through the events web interface:

Articolo apparso su Wired e The Register.

Con questo articolo vorrei condividere un’esperienza reale di scoperta di un malware che fa mining di criptovalute e diffuso attraverso le estensioni del browser più utilizzato al mondo: Google Chrome.

È giovedì 21 settembre 2017, un giorno di ordinaria attività lavorativa, quando il mio pc inizia a generare traffico sospetto. Lo scopro grazie all’IDS (Intrusion Detection System) aziendale di NethServer che, grazie all’interfaccia web di visualizzazione eventi, mi offre la seguente schermata:

Alessandro Polidori

Senior Software Engineer @nethesis. Node.js, Javascript, WebRTC, VoIP, Linux & Conference Speaker. Travel and sport enthusiast !

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