Our personal financial planner will be an AI?

Some week ago I read about a robo-lawyer that help people with their fine. So I start to think, in what other field this technology could be applied? Finance, obviously.

We’re all around finance, but just a few know the trick, and this is the main reason for the financial planner. But can we make it smarter?

This took me to think about FinanceBot, a financial-helper AI. But in why should be better than a human counseling service?

  • You don’t have to pay the consulence of a professionist.
  • Is all in your pocket
  • You’re free to use it just when you felt it.
  • Is totally see-through.

To obtain this achievement me and my team (that I’ve known during Reply Investment Clash, thx guys!) had planned to use a bot system (just like the others that have already implemented on IM app such Telegram or Skype) that can answer questions, give advice and, at the same time, create a customer profile to give a great custom user experience. But that’s not all, we also think about a notification system, linked to the provider server (that could be a bank or the holding company), that could send a message every time something could change your asset happen. Obviously also the effective change will be notificated in this way.

The last-but-not-least feature is the virtual practising market, a sort of demo mode, that helps customers and stakeholders who wants to invest have their chances to try without spent any money. To make the experience more real this virtual market would simulate the real one, with plausible news and asset changes.

Try to imagine a future when you could just open your favourite app, open a conversation thread with a bot always at your service, choose some preference and start to invest wisely. Well this technology is already here, and that future not so far…

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