Sight of Sites

An average internet user visits about two websites on a day to day basis. These are Facebook and YouTube.

Do you ever wonder the number of websites that are available and accessible in the world wide web?

According to internet live statistics, the total number of websites as of 2017 is a resounding 1.2 billion (and counting!). That’s almost a 1/6 of the world’s population! However, the trend will not always be in a constant increase because as stated by The Atlantic, most webpages die after a couple of months. The average lifespan of a site is 100 days.

The lifespan of a webpage varies on different factors such as its content, quality, web design, and most importantly, the audience. The viewers have a significant role on sustaining a page on the internet. Moreover, these consumers have the capability on its enhancement or downgrade both visually and on financial matters. Thus, it is important for websites to have views, clicks, and shares.

It is evident that most of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. have the most number of community, and is still rapidly growing. However, online users may also opt to look upon and beyond these “typical” addresses as there are more sites to discover that are better off than they could ever imagine.

In no particular order, listed below are three of my Go-To websites aside from the common social networking ones:

  1. Psychology Today: It is a magazine that is published both online and in print. What I like most about this site are the various articles that caters to different interests.
Psychology Today’s Logo

With almost a similar underlying purpose, this site reminds me of Thought Catalog, a webpage that offers people for inspiring diverse reads. However, I chose Psychology Today as my go-to website because of the authenticity and legitimacy of their authors. While thought catalog offers these life helping articles, they are written by freelance writers via a submission form. On the other hand, Psychology Today’s articles are professionally done by genuine psychologists.

In my leisure time, I visit this website once a week and stays for about an hour or two while reading articles. I find that most of the page’s content, and the writing style of these psychologists are for a wider audience. They offer relatable reads and professional advices as well.

2. Witty Bunny: It is a comedic site with various quizzes that caters to different absorption, meant to be shared on other social networking sites particularly on Facebook.

Witty Bunny’s Logo

As Filipino online users are attracted to the concept of themselves, gaining reactions, and having a good laugh, this is definitely the perfect website. It allows you to take quizzes and random answerables, just by the website merely looking at your chosen/profile photo, or in other aspects, the components of your profile.

I do not really go to their site on intention. As I scroll through my Facebook feed (which is.. uhm, everyday), I frequently see my friends share the results that they got from WittyBunny. Thus, it makes me wonder on the possible results that I may get which leads to my hands clicking on their site. Examples of the quizzes are:

As self-centeredness is a natural trait of people, most especially Filipinos, they delve into the notion of “finding” something about themselves. Obviously, the outcomes that this site claims to predict is not true (But who knows?). Sino ba naman ang hindi gustong magpabola? :)

3. The New York Times: This newspaper is one of the leading and well-known daily publications located in the United States.

The New York Times Logo

As there are countless of news organization sites for knowing the recent and fresh news, I opt to choose this website because I like the way they present their articles which are beautifully written, and with comprehendable substance. Furthermore, the visual presentation with a hint of minimalism catched my attention as the web designers kept the look proper and simple.

I usually visit this site for research, and for the look of unbiased articles on current events. It’s kind of disappointing that the local news websites available are changing the way they deliver news. I noticed that instead of actually creating on reports that matter, they tend to make clickbaits with an unorganized write-up.