HCDE Panel Report

  1. Jeff’s data visualization panel taught me a lot about how data can be displayed differently to tell a story, and how looking at data from a different perspective can change a conclusion entirely. Some examples of this was when petroleum engineering was thrown in with other fields of study, it showed up near English and psychology, but when looked at from the perspective of what is similar to petroleum engineering, fields like geology and chemistry were closer in similarity. I found ideas like this particularly interesting. Like how the distances between two fields weren’t always the same. Computer science isn’t very close to music, but music is very close to computer science. Large amounts of data are complex, and a perspective can change everything.
  2. Kristine’s prototyping presentation showed me what can be done with prototyping and what’s happening right now. Her robot incorporated many things, such as software engineering, device prototyping, design, psychology, and human interaction. This showed me how many fields of study can come together as one, and also how one field of study can branch off into other areas. Her project made me really excited to get involved with HCDE research and/or personal projects.
  3. After seeing these presentations, I know that in future classes and when working on future products, I want to always be involved in something that I’m passionate about and can learn a lot from. I also want to always be challenged, working on complex problems, and designing solutions that can help as many people as possible. When working on these projects, I will try to take every perspective into account, and make them as accurate as possible. I will also try to combine many fields of study, in order to create diverse projects that are connected to many different people and practices.
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