Ideation & User Research Panel Report

  1. Jake discussed a lot of brainstorming and sketching techniques. Some brainstorming techniques were things like quantity over quality, crazy ideas, listening to the group, etc. Then, with many diverse ideas, you can pick the best parts of each idea to expand on, or mix ideas together. I thought it was interesting that even though Jake used a lot of sketching, and recommended getting good at it, he didn’t recommend it for brainstorming because some people feel like they can’t sketch, and that could block the flow of the process.
  2. Katie’s presentation taught me to really pay attention to what other people do, and to expand my design perspective. Her studies on how Buddhists design differently from others was very intriguing. She thinks that Buddhist ideals help people design more efficiently and keep focus on what’s important in life. I had never thought to take into account my religion or life style when I’m designing something. I think that her work is very interesting and could be applied to a lot of different fields in various places.
  3. Using what I learned from this presentation, to make my work better, I would probably bring crazier ideas to the table during brainstorming. I would also get a lot more practice in sketching and design. Lastly, I would try to learn as much as I can about other people and their cultures, in order to make my designs applicable to everyone. I would also want to broaden my perspective on the world as much as possible, so that I can see the most important issues, and have a diverse set of problem-solving skills.
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