Interaction Design & Usability Testing Panel Report

One Bus Away Interaction Design Prototyping

One thing I learned about the OBA app is that it was initially designed for metro experts, but then turned into an app for the average citizen using usability testing and interaction design. I was very interested in the fact that the developers went out to bus stops to ask people what they thought about the app. This was very intriguing, because it was so casual, but it sounded liked it worked well. They got a good idea about what was confusing about their app, and made it a lot more user-friendly. It took a lot of design, testing, and research to get the app is where it is today, but it paid off.

Nordstrom Usability Testing

The usability testing for the Nordstrom project showed me how much testing and trial and error goes into making an interface. It also showed me a few ways to make interfaces more user-friendly. The use of color-coding certain parts of their website and moving certain words to certain sides of the page really stood out to me, because I wouldn’t have expected that to be that important. I was also very interested in what the users were confused about and how easily it was to fix those problems with the interface. A lot of small and subtle tactics went into making the design user-friendly.

How I Would Change My Projects

From what I learned from this panel, first of all, I would design my projects so that I could visually draw the user’s attention to where I wanted it. I would do this by attempting to make the product more intuitive and by using highlighting. I would also have multiple, different, possible users test out my product, so that I could make it better. I think the user testing is really important, because I may think something is intuitive and easy to use, but there are a lot more people out there than just me, and it’s important to make products friendly to as many people as possible.

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