Making Work an Experience at Kafe Hub

If it’s one thing an entrepreneur understands, it’s OWNERSHIP. But with ownership comes responsibility and every good entrepreneur wants to make more copies of themselves. Kafe Hub takes the essence of “work” and turns it into an experience where any man or woman can feel important, learn something new and be…”together”. At 1939 Broadway the teamwork is infectious. Many young and eager men and women come together to create a comfortable and resourceful working space fully loaded with comfortable seating, private conference rooms, lockers, large workstations and floor to ceiling windows for an amazing view. Needless to say, you’d have the best, most chic and highly professional turn-key office in town, when conducting your meetings at Kafe Hub. They’re soft opening was amazing and I’ll definitely be in very soon.

Try the Basil Lemonade and tell em Jaime sent you.

Thank you for reading about Kafe Hub. Photos make everything better. Check them out on Facebook.