How I use this simple checklist to help me deploy a business transformation change and reduce culture resistance.

Turning point sign to the desired destination

One sentence to describe a business transformation expert:

Someone that masters how to detect a problem, design a solution, create a deployment plan that ensures the new design is loved by all, presents real results and all of that in a killer time frame!

Well, experience has allowed me to sharpen the way I can do some of…

How I Use Color-Coding to Make the Most Out of My Team Members’ Strengths

Bunch of different color pencils spread on a table

Any team’s performance or a business ability to change is dictated by each individual’s approach to the same issue, process, situation. The challenge is that everyone reacts differently, at different pace.

Using color-coding to understand behavior resistance

Yes, like many psychology books, I also use colors to explain some behavior patterns that should be considered when…

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