Our first university day

To be honest, we expected that day to be pretty hard. We thought we would have had our first classes, learn sone complicated university’s rules…
But when we were entering the front door we still didn’t know what exactly we would be doing.
The day started as usual. I woke up at 5:40 and went to the university. We all have gathered at the hall, waiting. Then our teacher came and offered us one really interesting thing.
Let’s start that most of us didn’t even know where some useful places were located and that’s why our teachers made a small quest! That was so unexpected and unusual as we thought studying at the university could be a little bit boring and monotonous.
For a whole hour we had to just run around the university, from one corpus to another, looking for places that were provided at the list. And one of our tasks was taking selfies! Yeah, I think I already love this place:)
Such interesting approach from our teachers was absolutely right for us to remember some passages and necessary places, now, most of us can easily move around the university.
We were truly excited and inspired. At the end of that crazy “studying” day we were absolutely in good mood, tired and happy.
Here are some pictures from our first adventure.

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