Guess I hit a nerve with little Andy Lear here.
Christo Nar

Here’s a friendly checklist to know if you are responding to a racist who is upset because his idiotic out of date world view is being challenged:

  • Change person(s) name to something more befitting a child, typically ending their name with a Y (John=Jonny, Bill=Billy, etc)
  • Responds with “Guess I hit a nerve…”
  • Tells you that, actually, it’s YOU that’s being racist
  • Swears at you or uses childish name calling (pussy, fucker, etc)
  • Tells you that you’re the one projecting your insecure feelings (this is them actually projecting their own feelings onto you)
  • Ends with warm valediction (Have a good one, Take care, Have a nice day, etc.)

If the response you get check off half of these, Congratulations, you are dealing with an Idiot! Now please refute their moronic take and let them know how backwards and stupid their racism defending is. But don’t fret when they can’t understand the point of calling out tired, old, and unfunny racist tropes for what they are, they just lack the mental capacity to understand.

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