I type 100WPM and like to rant, so feel free to read through any of my postings and gloat over…
Keegan Wholesaler

“I stop in on this site every few weeks to give my opinions.”

You’re literally on this site making comments on a weekly basis. For someone who has said repeatedly how garbage this site and its writers are, why do you continue to read it? Do you like to hate read things? Do you get a sense of self fulfillment when you write these screeds about how wrong all the writers are? I’m just trying to get my head around why someone who, judging from their comment history, absolutely despises this site and all of its content.

You are a following of Simmons since page 2, I get that, but Simmons has written what, all of 3 articles for this site so far? So why do you read all of these other writers?

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