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[Curate’s egg or not?]

 Mixed credits for the Magicard Forest is players would be about to experience one unordinary strategic route.
 Despite familiar upgrade systems with inserting earned coins might help enhancing your health, attack power and restores, sheer luck still runs wild, which is good in parts depending on how acceptable you keep longstandingly venturing the conjecture.

Five kinds of amounts of cards on battle remains a mystery of what makes each alternative distinct from others other than less possibilities hitting the jackpot. Ever considered cheating solution? Take the least amount cards and take your time slowly yet almost harmlessly conquer another monster. Trust me, you are definitely no match for monsters with nearly exponential grouth of their blood volumes. Just do yourself a favour, surely, on the premise that your will stays immortal to fight against this creative yet annoying pieces.

Turns out some effects do require a movable dimension setting. But I believe that even within a 2D world can make it, thanks to this pioneer example anyway.
 Besides potentials, the design for different cards' attributes are nicely experimented. A little bit pity is that the overwhelming power of luck supersedes the inequities of cards' behaviors.

There’s some solutions maintaining the attributes of cards' settings and enhancing their advantages.

A throughout here it goes. For example, the card "hurricane" as to peak the whole set in a flash can be isolated from ordinary flipped ones. Let it be permanent UI field yet requires cool-down may sounds a little bit cliche, isn’t it. But what if I could gain more clues observing the speed it regenerates to fully energy? Like, if the toxic card shows up in the set, then it costs more energy out once you launch the peaking mechanism.
 In short, I believe that this game is definitely well-organized with fully creative potentials more than simply casual time-killing one. Trimming the current edition may result in another different direction but that doesn’t damage its fun , in my opinion.

1. Inspired by: Magicard Forest. (Thanks!)
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