This Startup broadcaster broke records with “Smartsleep”

Alejandro Brega
Mar 3, 2019 · 2 min read

Dr. Markus Dworak, sleep researcher and founder of the start-up Smartsleep, during his product presentation in the founding show “The Cave of the Lions” (Vox) MG RTL D / Frank W.

The fans of the TV founding show “The Cave of the Lions” most likely remember this mega-deal!

“Smartsleep” by sleep researcher Dr. Markus Dworak was the most expensive deal in the show history.

The product is a nutritional supplement designed to keep the client fit after a short night’s sleep.

DHDL investors offered record amount for “smartsleep”

Ralf Dümmel (52) and Carsten Maschmeyer (59) were immediately interested in the alleged miracle cure. “Smartsleep” consists of one ampoule with two milliliters of fluid and two chewable tablets. Ingested in the evening, the product should help to better sleep.

Dümmel and Maschmeyer invested the record sum of 1.5 million euros in the company, in return they received 33.3 percent of the company shares. The investors rated the startup even then with a sum of 4.5 million euros.

Rating has risen sixfold in six months

Shortly after the TV broadcast, the sleep researcher was hardly able to save himself from placing orders. The value of the company should now be 15 million euros and would have increased sixfold.

“‘Smartsleep’ is the record startup of the show: highest investment with 1.5 million euros, highest turnover with six million euros in a short time, highest six-fold increase in valuation — within only six months. That has never happened before, “says investor Carsten Maschmeyer of the” Bild “.

With media entrepreneur Dirk Ströer (50), another partner joins the company. “With Media Ventures, we have another important strategic partner who will take us to another level in outdoor advertising and communications,” quoted the newspaper founder Dr. Ing. Markus Dvorak.

A new season of the popular TV show is currently being shot and aired in the fall.

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