Use An API To Avoid This Three Internet Threats

As wonderful as the internet is, security threats surround us.

Not only is information in danger, but also money is at risk. Even small businesses can lose $80K annually because of cyber-attacks. Indeed, the bigger the company, the bigger loss.

As a result, reliable computer security is essential. But before implementing security, you must first understand the various internet security dangers that can cause your organization to suffer.

  • Malware: Malware or ransomware is one of the major security dangers to your computer systems. Also, malware affects 32% of all computers worldwide.

The attack starts with your database systems being infected. It will then encrypt your data before threatening to erase all of your stuff.

  • Phishing: This kind of threat points to personal information like bank accounts and passwords. It’s done by emails with a realistic URL to catch you.

Keep an eye on the emails and communications you receive to avoid phishing scams. If you don’t recognize the sender, be cautious about opening the message.

  • Trojan: Email is the most prevalent mechanism for Trojan Horse attacks. Viruses are frequently attached to the email as a link or attachment. When you open the attachment, malware is downloaded to your machine automatically.

Although complete corporate staff may receive training and guidance, security is never taken lightly.

Furthermore, website classification might keep undesirable websites out of your network. Additionally, this could assist your network’s IT staff in blocking suspected phishing websites. is a great API to use if you want to make website categorization easier.

Klazify will go to the given domain or URL, collect data, and categorize it using an IAB V2 Standard classification taxonomy, which can be used for one-on-one customization, marketing segmentation, online filtering, and other uses. As a result, a category can now be assigned to the URL or domain.

You have two options for domain processing with Klazify:

1- Klazify checks the website for new domains and re-indexes those that have already been categorized.

2- External Flows: Klazify is in charge of processing data from external sources.

  • Klazify is a scalable and secure system that can handle millions of requests while maintaining stability even under high load.
  • Klazify’s APIs are simple to use and integrate, which saves you time.
  • At any moment, the Customer Support Team is available to address any queries you may have.
  • Because each endpoint is well-documented and includes examples, customers can get things done quickly.
  • Big Data: Klazify effectively categorizes billions of internet pages using machine learning, ensuring that the categorization system is one of the most accurate on the market.
  • Adaptable: Klazify’s domain classification allows customers to quickly provide services such as Internet filtering, subscriber statistics, advertising networks, and fraud prevention.
  • Data Firehorse: Do you need access to the classified raw data stream? Klazify is an HTTP-based real-time data firehose.
  • Futuristic: Klazify’s technology can detect content on URLs, entire websites, and IP addresses, making it ideal for security devices without full URL access.
  • Developer-Friendly: Every API response is in JSON format, which is simple to comprehend and integrate into your program.
  • Updated: The web crawlers at Klazify are constantly evaluating and classifying new and current websites, producing real-time findings, and maintaining a database.

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